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Window hanger

Vogelhuisje raamhanger - Birdhouse window hangerOn Wednesday afternoon I teach crafts to children in my hometown. In two weeks we’re going to make window hangers. Because it was my idea to make this, I made an example of the window hanger. And because our theme this month is Winter. I made a birdhouse with a bird. I didn’t want to make it in boring brown colours. Because I want the children to like it and also because I want to like it, I used some bright colours. It’s a very simple craft.

Tools and materials:

* Transparent sheet (you can use this for an overheadprojector)

* Coloured paper

* Coloured cardboard

* Cissors

* Glue

* Pencils

* Grass en twiggs

* Cottonwool


Step 1:
Draw the shape of a birdhouse on a piece of cardboard(2x).

You can draw the pieces of the roof and the house itself on two different colours, to vary.

Step 2:
Cut out the shapes

Step 3:
Glue the birdhouse on the transparant sheet. Watch out!: The sheet goes between the two cardboards.

Step 4:
Draw shapes for the decoration of the birdhouse. i.e.: a bird and some plants.

Step 5:
Cut out the shapes.

Step 6:
Glue the shapes on the birdhouse.

Step 7:
When you are almost done with the decoration of the birdhouse, you can add some 3D effects by glueing on i.e. grass, twigs en cottonwool.



2 Responses

  1. remarkable stuff thanx

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you like it.

    Sorry for the late response.

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